The influence of external environment on market opportunity and crisis

According to information,
1. The Shanghai port will be will opened for shipment on May 15-18th.
As estimation, Shanghai port & Ningbo port will be crowded again. Maybe the sea fright will be increased again and container problem will be happened again., because manufacturers was closed for home quarantine for about 2 months.
Therefore, we have 1 month period to order, production & shipment for both of us before May. 18th.
2. The 19th Asian Games Hagnzhou 2022 will be held in Hangzhou city on Sep. 10~25th, all cities of Zhejiang province will be assist in holding. As estimation, there will be production restriction and ration the power supply for manufacturing industry.
Based on above 2 News,  all our partners, pls hurry up sending us the orders untill the end of 2022 in advance asap.

Post time: Apr-18-2022