The giants of composite materials-related raw material chemical companies have announced price increases one after another!

At the beginning of 2022, the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war has caused the prices of energy products such as oil and natural gas to rise sharply; the Okron virus has swept the world, and China, especially Shanghai, has also experienced a “cold spring” and the global economy has once again cast a shadow….

In such a turbulent environment, affected by factors such as raw material and fuel costs, the prices of various chemicals have continued to rise. Starting from April, a large wave of products will usher in a substantial price increase.

AOC announced on April 1 a price increase of €150/t for its entire unsaturated polyester (UPR) resin portfolio and €200/t for its epoxy vinyl ester (VE) resins sold in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The price increase is effective immediately.

Saertex will impose a surcharge on deliveries to the business unit of multiaxial non-crimped fabrics made of glass, carbon and aramid fibers for lightweight construction. The reason for this measure is the substantial increase in the prices of raw materials, consumables and auxiliary materials, as well as transportation and energy costs.

The chemical products industry has already been hit hard in February, Polynt announced, with ongoing geopolitical issues now causing further cost pressures, mainly oil derivatives and raw material prices for unsaturated polyesters (UPR) and vinyl esters (VE). Then it rose further. In view of this situation, Polynt announced that from April 1, the price of UPR and GC series will increase by 160 euros/ton, and the price of VE resin series will increase by 200 euros/ton.

Post time: Apr-12-2022